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iSurvey update coming soon

There are a couple of new features coming to an iSurvey update near you, and these include the following:

  • On screen Data Filtering e.g. show me all data from male participants over 30
  • Auto email participants a custom email after they complete your survey
  • Bespoke cross survey CSV download options
  • Drastically improved speed of CSV download for large data sets

However, before we can release them we need your help in testing! If you have 2 minutes to spare could you please log in to our development site here: (VPN or on campus) and try downloading some of your survey data as a CSV file in the usual manner. Please check all looks OK Рthe more people that try this the better.

Thanks in advance for improving the service and your help in quality testing.

Kind regards,

Alex and the iSurvey team