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Including multimedia questions

It’s easy to use multimedia as part of the question stem – almost all question types have a Multimedia tab as shown in this screenshot. You can add an image or an MP3 audio file, or embed a YouTube video. … Continue reading

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How do I add a response option?

If you are creating a single response, multiple response or matrix / question block type question you will probably want to add response options such as ‘Very Poor, Poor, Average Good, Very Bad’ or likert scales between 1 and 5 … Continue reading

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How to embed youtube videos into questions

Embedding youtube videos into questions or stimuli is now very easy. Go the page on youtube page of the video you want to include. Look for the ‘share’ button under the video Click the ‘Embed’ link that appears Tick the … Continue reading

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How do I pre-populate a participant question response?

in some cases it is useful (if not essential) to pre-populate a question  with a custom response for that participant. e.g. if each participant has a unique research ID associated with them and you do not want them to have … Continue reading

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Problems duplicating surveys / questions

We have recently upgraded the data validation process when entering question, section and survey information into the database. This adds increased security to the iSurvey application for everyone. A side-effect of this is that if question information (or any information … Continue reading

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How many surveys/sections/questions can I create?

You can create any new surveys you need. There is also no limit to the number of sections or questions in iSurvey.

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How and why should I use question ‘timers’?

Each question can have a ‘timer’ associated with it. The timer options are shown below. The countdown timer (which can be shown or hidden) can do one of the following: Simply display a countdown timer on the page Automatically progress to … Continue reading

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Can I format my question text?

Standard questions can be formatted using the standard text toolbar shown below.  This allows you to increase / decrease font sizes / colours / font family as well as adding  tables and links etc… Don’t forget you can add … Continue reading

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Why do I have strange characters in my question text?

If you are seeing strange characters in your question text, the reason is usually that you have pasted your question from Microsoft Word, without using the ‘Paste from Word’ option in the iSurvey text editor. A typical example of this … Continue reading

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What types of question does iSurvey support?

iSurvey supports a number of different question types which are listed below. Each question you create allows you to upload an optional image and optional mp3 file. Text Response Question Types Short Text Response Long  Text Response Multiple Text Response Single … Continue reading

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