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Microsoft Forms is now iSolutions’ recommended Survey software

iSolutions now offer better-supported alternatives to iSurvey, and we encourage all users to consider these in preference to iSurvey. Microsoft Forms is available to all University members and provides an easier to use and more secure platform for hosting most … Continue reading

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Enabling participants to save their responses and resume later

Ideally, surveys should be sufficiently brief to complete in one go, preferably in less than 30 minutes. That said, iSurvey does provide a Save and Quit function that enables participants to save their responses and then return to the survey … Continue reading

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Problem with the Invitations feature

15 December 2017 – there seems to be a problem with the Invitations feature, where invitations to email addresses outside the university (i.e. not someone@soton.ac.uk) are not being sent. The technical team are investigating. In the meantime, you can use … Continue reading

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Opening CSV files containing international language data

A user reported that responses from Greek participants looked fine in iSurvey but appeared as meaningless symbols (e.g. ΓεÏμανία) when the CSV data file was opened in Excel. I used the excellent free open-source Notepad++ to open the CSV file … Continue reading

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Deleted data cannot be restored

We have had a couple of ServiceLine requests recently asking for data that had accidentally been deleted to be restored, and unfortunately that is not possible – deleted data is gone for ever. The technical team say that “iSurvey doesn’t … Continue reading

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iSurvey ‘Getting Started’ video

Alex Furr, who designed and programmed iSurvey, has left the University and responsibility for supporting the system has passed to Adam Warren in the iSolutions Digital Learning team. If you need help, please request this via ServiceLine as usual. I have created a 15-minute … Continue reading

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Generic accounts accessing iSurvey

Recent changes to iSolutions account policy has meant that you can no longer login to iSurvey using a generic account. If you’ve been using a generic account this is obviously a problem. As a solution if you email serviceline with a list of … Continue reading

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10,000 surveys and slider consultation

This week we hit quite a milestone and we now have over 10,000 surveys in iSurvey. We are also asking the community to respond to a potential change to the way sliders work. Currently they appear with a default value set – this … Continue reading

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New iSurvey features

This morning we upgraded iSurvey and added a couple of new features. 1. Auto email to participants upon completion If you are asking participants to complete an email address you can send a customised email to participants that complete that survey when … Continue reading

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iSurvey update coming soon

There are a couple of new features coming to an iSurvey update near you, and these include the following: On screen Data Filtering e.g. show me all data from male participants over 30 Auto email participants a custom email after … Continue reading

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