FAQ Section: Surveys

Enabling participants to save their responses and resume later

Ideally, surveys should be sufficiently brief to complete in one go, preferably in less than 30 minutes. That said, iSurvey does provide a Save and Quit function that enables participants to save their responses and then return to the survey … Continue reading

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Problems duplicating surveys / questions

We have recently upgraded the data validation process when entering question, section and survey information into the database. This adds increased security to the iSurvey application for everyone. A side-effect of this is that if question information (or any information … Continue reading

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Can I skip the survey consent form?

Yes, if you wish for participants to go directly to your survey you can choose to ‘skip’ the consent form. To do this go to Survey Settings >> Welcome Statement >> Do not show consent form See screen shot below … Continue reading

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How many surveys/sections/questions can I create?

You can create any new surveys you need. There is also no limit to the number of sections or questions in iSurvey.

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Who can use iSurvey to create a questionnaire?

Currently iSurvey is available to anyone at the University of Southampton. This includes all staff and students – anyone with a University login. Use your standard University login to gain access. We are currently trialling alumni / external access to … Continue reading

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How to change your survey appearance / logo

Options to customise the appearance of your survey are found  under the ‘Survey Options’ tab on the Settings page. You can customise the look and feel of your survey in the following ways: 1. Upload a custom logo You can replace the standard iSurvey logo for … Continue reading

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Survey Settings and options

There are a number of settings and options associated with each survey. These include: Date Restrictions Each survey can  be made available between two dates. You can also have an open ended finish date i.e. the start date is set, but no … Continue reading

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