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Can I use iSurvey for counterbalanced conditions?

Yes, you can create counterbalanced conditions/groups using section presentation blocks. When creating a section presention block you have the following options. Experiments conducted with a counterbalanced measures design “are one of the best ways to avoid the pitfalls of standard repeated measures designs, where the … Continue reading

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How many surveys/sections/questions can I create?

You can create any new surveys you need. There is also no limit to the number of sections or questions in iSurvey.

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What is a ‘Section Presentation Block’?

A section presentation block is a a series of sections collected together than can then be presented in different ways. in the following examples Sections A, B and C  are in the Section Presentation Block. In all examples shown below, participants will … Continue reading

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How to use survey sections

A ‘Section’ in iSurvey can be thought of either as a ‘page’ or as a ‘bucket’ which contains a number of questions. Sections are used to easily paginate questions, but also have more advanced options such as creating section conditions … Continue reading

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How to create a ‘Section Presentation Block’

You can use a presentation block for two purposes: a) Randomise sections within a survey b) Create different survey conditions To create either option you will first need to make sure that your viewing mode is set to ‘Advanced’ in … Continue reading

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