FAQ Section: Data Security / Retention

Deleted data cannot be restored

We have had a couple of ServiceLine requests recently asking for data that had accidentally been deleted to be restored, and unfortunately that is not possible – deleted data is gone for ever. The technical team say that “iSurvey doesn’t … Continue reading

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Is my survey data backed up?

All survey information as well as participant responses is backed up daily and archived for 90 days. This is in-line with iSolutions data retention policy and they reserve the right to reduce the retention period at any time. Note that it is … Continue reading

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How secure is data collected via iSurvey?

All data collected via iSurvey is done via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which encrypts the data before sending it and storing it in the database. The database server itself is kept in the iSolutions server room which is one of the most secure areas on Highfield Campus. … Continue reading

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