Deleted data cannot be restored

We have had a couple of ServiceLine requests recently asking for data that had accidentally been deleted to be restored, and unfortunately that is not possible – deleted data is gone for ever.

The technical team say that “iSurvey doesn’t do ‘soft deletes’ (marking records as deleted), so once the user hits delete, the data is deleted.”

iSurvey is backed up daily, but that is so we can restore the whole system in case of a catastrophic failure – for example if the server was hacked. Note that all data and survey edits since that backup was made would be lost.

So the golden rule is ALWAYS download a copy of the data before deleting any records.

If you are checking iSurvey regularly (maybe once each day) to look at any new responses to your survey, I would recommend downloading the data as part of that check. It never hurt to have too many backups, provided you store that data securely.



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