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iSurvey is survey generation and research tool for distributing online questionnaires. It is free to use if you are a member of the University of Southampton.
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10th Feb 2022 11:59 am
Alternative Survey Tools

10 February 2022 - The University has a licence for Qualtrics, which provides functionality not available in iSurvey. Any member of the University may use Qualtrics - for information on how to access it or get help with it, please see our knowledgebase article.

For simple surveys, it may be quicker to create a survey in Microsoft Forms. Help on how to use Forms is available on our Office 365 help site, with an introductory video also available via LinkedIn Learning.

For more information on the options available for survey software, please see our survey tools page.


Latest Public Surveys

Dynamic Recommender Algorithm implemented in a social network for charities and social causes: Application Study

: Dynamic Recommender System
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Electric Bikes for Sustainable Transport

Do you believe an electric bike will increase cycling?
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Revising for a Test

Revising for a Test
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iSurvey new features evaluation

This survey describes some possible new features coming to iSurvey.
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Domestic Violence in the UK 1 (Copy)

Get 4 credits for online survey
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Cryptocurrency and E-Commerce Study

Been online shopping? Know your Bitcoin and internet culture? Participate now!
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Grocery shopping and the loyalty

You are welcome to share your experience about online grocery shopping!:
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Twitter Acceptance and Use

Enter your email in a 50 pound amazon voucher prize draw!
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To evaluate the emergence of AI in B2B Customer Communications and its impact on sales generation in retail sector of UK

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University Quality Perceptions at Southampton, and the influence that this might have on Student Satisfaction

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