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iSurvey is survey generation and research tool for distributing online questionnaires. It is free to use if you are a member of the University of Southampton.
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10th Feb 2022 11:59 am
Alternative Survey Tools

10 February 2022 - The University has a licence for Qualtrics, which provides functionality not available in iSurvey. Any member of the University may use Qualtrics - for information on how to access it or get help with it, please see our knowledgebase article.

For simple surveys, it may be quicker to create a survey in Microsoft Forms. Help on how to use Forms is available on our Office 365 help site, with an introductory video also available via LinkedIn Learning.

For more information on the options available for survey software, please see our survey tools page.


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Laptop Preferences Questionnaire

Ever wondered which laptop to choose? Share your view here.
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Nutritional knowledge and dietary choices of students at the University of Southampton

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Evaluating the impact of demographic characteristics and personality on opinions regarding policies for the management of child sex offenders compared to rapists.

Public Opinions of Sex Offender Management Policies
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Examining searchers' behaviour on search engines (eg. Google)

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An investigation of the impacts of loyalty programmes of supermarkets on brand loyalty

Please help my MSc dissertation to complete this questionnaire, I will complete yours in return!
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The Role of Technology in Health and Fitness

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Website Feedback

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Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds: Attitudes to Maritime Heritage Survey

Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds: attitudes to Maritime Heritage Survey
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A Study Exploring the Relationship between Mobile Phone Use, Sleep and Depression

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China's Generation Z's willingness to buy sustainable clothing

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