How do I use the invitation list feature?

The invitation list feature (found under the ‘Invitations’ link in the main menu) allows you to send personalized emails to an individual, or to a group of individuals.

You can batch send email by uploading a CSV file containing their name and email address. This can be useful if you wish to use iSurvey for sending out links to students taking module evaluation questionnaires, for example.

Other things to note

  • The email can be customized using standard tags that are added automatically e.g. [FullName] and [SurveyLink] will add the correct information for each individual
  • Each individual receives a unique link tied to them, meaning you can track who has, and how has not completed the survey
  • Individuals have the option to ‘Opt out’ and not take the survey if they wish
  • You have the option to ‘one click’ send a reminder email to individuals who have not opted and out and not yet responded. This can only be done once for each individual, therefore reducing the possibility of ‘spamming’ participants.
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