How do I advertise my survey?

You have several options for advertising your survey

Option 1 : Paste the survey URL into an external website / email

Each survey created in iSurvey has a unique URL. e.g.

You can find this URL on the ‘publicise’ page of your survey.

If you want to advertise this on any other website simply copy and paste this URL into the webpage. An online guide shows you how to do this in the ‘Publicize’ section of your survey.

Option 2 : Advertise your survey on the iSurvey home page

By default new surveys are NOT shown in the ‘public list’ of surveys on the iSurvey homepage. You can make yours appear by clicking the ‘Show my survey on the Public List’ option in Survey Settings > Survey Options. Any text in written in the optional ‘Survey notes’ section will also appear in e.g. ‘Win a 5 pound gift voucher’

Option 3 : Use the invitation lists

If you have a specific list of individuals you wish to send the survey to (e.g. a module evaluation questionnaire) you can use the invitation list feature to send personalized emails to each individual.

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