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iSurvey is survey generation and research tool for distributing online questionnaires. It is free to use if you are a member of the University of Southampton.
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19th May 2020 7:00 am
Microsoft Forms is now iSolutions’ recommended Survey software

iSolutions now offer better-supported alternatives to iSurvey, and we encourage all users to consider these in preference to iSurvey.

Microsoft Forms is available to all University members and provides an easier to use and more secure platform for hosting most surveys. Please see our guidance for using Forms, or you can watch this seven-minute overview on LinkedIn Learning.

If you require features beyond those of Microsoft Forms, please see our Survey Applications page to see our full range of survey options.

iSolutions will continue to offer iSurvey, but support for it from iSolutions will be limited.  If your needs cannot be met by any of our alternative services, or if you have any other queries about survey tools, please contact ServiceLine.


Latest Public Surveys

How do situational crime prevention strategies affect student perceptions of crime on campus?

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la Technologie et la Langue

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Positive news (m2041)

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An exploration of VR technology on the fashion consumption experience of generation Z

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How do you think the oral test in TEM-8 as an English Major in China?

A Questionnaire specially designed for Chinese English Majors
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Recycling facilities in Southampton

Say your opinion on recycling facilities in Southampton!
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Energy usage habits and preferences (Copy)

Please help us develop a prototype of a smart home automation system.
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Student Assessment Literacy Questionnaire

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Stakeholder-Based Evaluation of Project Failure

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The Diffusion of Intellectual Capital Management Practices in Science Parks: A Resource-based View of Relationships between Network Effects, Intellectual Capital Management Capabilities and Performance in SMEs within ICT sector

As a mark of our gratitude for the time spent filling in the questionnaire, it is possible to develop an `optional` report assessing your company in comparison with the final results of the survey and return it to you at the end of the project.
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