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Working people(people who have full time job) please help me answer this questionnaire!!

Thank for your cooperation! !!!!!   I am a master student studying Human Resource Management at University of Southampton. This survey will be used to collect data and to analyze the impact of learning organization practices on Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention among IT workers. There are no identifiable benefits to your organization and you personally for participating in this study. Neither are there any risks. All questions in this survey were designed to determine the state of your enterprise or your feelings about your organization. After reviewing each item, please answer it according to your perceptions. Please do not use your name or other recognizable marks to ensure anonymity.

The questionnaire should take you 5-10 minutes to complete. Your survey responses will be strictly confidential. The data will only be used for academic purpose. Please return the questionnaire once you completed. We appreciate you for taking time to complete the questionnaire.  Thank for your cooperation!