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Understanding Physical Activity Experiences among Visually Impaired Young Adults

Welcome to Physical Activity Experience Online Survey!

You are being invited to take part in this research about to investigate ways to help visually impaired young adults to be engaged in physical activity or sport. You can participate in this research by filling in this online questionnaire. Your participation is important to better understand your experiences, needs and motivations on these activities. To participate you should be a young adult between 18 to 30 years old with visual impairment (blind or partially sighted) and no other impairment. The information we collect about you will be kept strictly confidential. This survey is approved by Faculty Ethics Committee Reference Number ERGO/FEPS/ 51707. This survey has 10 sections and it may take around 20 minutes of your time. More information about your participation is available as a Google document

If you agree to participate, please place a tick (check) in the iSurvey box, prior to start the questionnaire. This will indicate that you have read and agree to the participant information. Please then select ‘Start the survey’. After you have completed the online questionnaire, there will be few questions about the questionnaire. If you do not want to use the online survey, please download the Microsoft Word Version and email a saved copy with your answers to