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Will You Change Your Travel Behaviour According to Personal Carbon Budgets?

This questionnaire aims to study “the possible impact of personal carbon trading on travel behaviour”. Recently, climate change and global warming have increasingly gained people’s attention due to high profile weather events, such as storms, floods and droughts. One major contributor to ‘green-house gases’ is transport and increasingly governments around the world are looking to encourage sustainable travel behaviour and choices. One possible approach to encourage more sustainable travel choices is a Personal Carbon Trading (PCT) scheme. Because this survey will mainly do in the UK and China, two langusges(English and Chinese) are available.(此问卷旨在研究‘个人碳交易对交通出行的影响’。近年来气候变化和全球变暖成为众人关注的焦点,许多气候灾害时有发生,如暴风,洪涝灾害和干旱。交通尾气是造成温室效应的主要因素之一,各国政府都在寻求促进绿色出行办法。个人碳交易(PCT)就是其中之一。由于这个调查在中英两地进行,所以提供了两种语言)

In a PCT scheme, the government assigns carbon credits equally to individuals; these credits can be used when people buy transport fuels (i.e. petrol or flights). Such a system rewards sustainable travel choices as people with spare credits at the end of the year could sell them to earn money; for example, a bicycle rider might emit less carbon than a car driver, then he can sell his extra credits to the car driver to earn money as a reward for his environmental friendly behaviour. (PCT是这样一个项目,政府本着平均的原则分发给每个人一定额度的碳排放指标;这些碳额度用于人们购买交通燃料(如石油或机票)。这可以鼓励人们绿色出行,因为人们可以将每年剩余的卖掉来换取现金;比如,一个骑自行车的人通常比一个开车的人排放的碳要少,这样他就可以把自己多余的碳额度卖给开车的人来获得报酬,而开车的人则要支付额外的钱来为他不环保的行为买单。)


This questionnaire seeks to understand how acceptable PCT schemes may be to the general public and the possible changes to travel behaviour that PCT schemes may cause. (这个问卷目的就是要调查这样一个PCT项目在民众中接受度,以及他们可能的交通出行方式的改变)



 Any information you provide will be used for academic purposes only and will be anonymous and confidential. (所有你提供的信息都将只用于学术研究,匿名且不公开)

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, LIWEI CHEN, MSc student of Transportation Planning & Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton, at (如果你有任何问题请和我联系,陈力维,南安普敦大学,工程与环境学院,交通工程规划与设计专业研究生,邮箱是

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