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Smart Phones and Attentional Control



Study title: Smart Phones and Attentional Control

Researcher Name: Jordan Derrick

Ethics Reference: 19715


Please read this information carefully before deciding whether to take part in this research. You will need to indicate that you have understood this information before you can continue. You must also be over 18 years of age to participate, and you must own a mobile phone. By ticking the box at the bottom of this page and clicking ‘Continue’, you are consenting to participate in this survey.


What is this research about?

I am Jordan Derrick, an undergraduate psychology student. I am requesting your participation in a study looking into whether smart phone habits can have an effect on our capacity for attentional control.


What will happen to me if I take part?

You will be asked to fill out a few questionnaires online that will include personal questions about your smart phone usage and your capacity for attentional control. It should take you no more than 10-15 minutes to complete this task.


Are there any benefits in my taking part?

You will help grow the body of research that is currently surfacing on mobile phones and how they affect our mental and physical wellbeing, as well as the gratitude of myself and my supervisors.


Are there any risks involved?

There are no physical risks involved in this task. We have tried to ensure that the questions in this study do not cause any distress. However, if any of the questions cause you distress or you feel in any way affected by this study we have supplied contact information in the debriefing statement for support services.


Will my participation be anonymous?

This study will be conducted in compliance to the University’s Data Protection policy meaning that all information obtained will be stored on a password protected computer and remain confidential as data will be coded. Anonymity is also assured through iSurvey. Please make your best effort to complete all the questions throughout the survey as incompletion will bias the results. All answers remain confidential and anonymous and so no one will know the answers you put down. Do not feel that your responses should be altered in anyway due to social expectations, every answer you put will be private so please answer as truthfully as possible. We take no record of names or personal details.


What happens if I change my mind?

In case you change your mind you may withdraw from the study at any time by closing the webpage without any penalties.



Where can I get more information?

Please refer any further questions either to myself at or to my supervisor Dr. Shui-I Shih at


Statement of Consent

I have read and understood the information about this study. In consenting, I understand that my legal rights are not affected. I also understand that data collected as part of this research will be kept confidential and that published results will maintain that confidentiality. I finally understand that if I have any questions about my rights as a participant in this research, or if I feel that I have been placed at risk, I may contact the chair of the Ethics Committee, Psychology, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK. Phone: +44 (0)23 8059 3856, email I certify that I am 18 years or older. I have read the above consent form and I give consent to participate in the above described research.