Twitter Acceptance and Use


Thank you very much for your interest in taking this questionnaire, I appreciate your time and valuable participation, It should take about 10 minutes.

This research aims to investigate the impact of online antisocial behaviour on the Web, more specifically, on Twitter. Such an investigation will help us to gain a better understanding about this phenomena and design better systems. This research is under the direction of the School of Electronic and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK (Ethics number: 17807).

If you wish, you will be entered in a prize draw, where you have the opportunity to win one of two £50 vouchers as an appreciation for your time. If you wish to take part you will need to provide your email address at the end of the study. This will be kept separate from the answers to your questions so there will be no way of linking your email address to your answers and you will be contacted by email if you win.

Participant Information Sheet is available from this link: